Teen Girl Bedroom

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Hapless about teenage girl preferences? You want to make your precious daughter special but don’t know how? But there is a simple way for you to give the best for you children and that is to communicate, especially if it girls, they can be delicate no matter how tomboy she is. If you want to make your teen girl bedroom special you need your daughter input on the matter. Using her opinion you can add your own idea. Theme and furniture can be discussed together, what kind of bed type she want, etc. Making one bedroom is fun, doing it together with your daughter is twice the fun.

In my case of designing my teen girl bedroom idea, We comes to this configuration. I add the things she needs, She add the thing she like and then you rate it and decide what the best. The essential in any bedroom will be working space and cabinets for storing things. If you have limited space you can try combining some furniture as they are plenty abound, like bed bunk slash working table slash book shelves. The furniture need to be cute too and simple so it won’t feel to extravagant. The color scheme would be your daughter’s right to choice, but to be safe choose one with lighter hue as to not strain the eyes.

You need to prioritize the functionality over aesthetics. So fill your daughter with the necessary furniture and don’t add to much decoration as it is distracting. If you feel the room lacking, you can play with the various pattern on the room. For example you can add extra tone on the wall. Adding wallpaper to the room is OK as they won’t hinder movement. You can also put on some clean carpet and extra pillow on the ground so they relax on the floor instead of using a couch which will absolutely wasting room space. That is all for my recommendation for your teen girl bedroom.

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