Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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Small bathroom lighting be it very small lighting for a small space it should be very important aspect for the bath. Normally in a small bathroom, you will got the usual overhead light over the sink and the main lamp which supposed to cover all side of the bathroom. This is proven to be insufficient at time. Due to the limited space, a small bathroom lighting make uses of minimal lighting which result in some place getting more shadow. Making the room darken and feel smaller. Try out this small bathroom lighting ideas to create an effective small lighting bathroom to make your bathroom more comfortable. Enhance the lighting with both natural and artificial lighting. You can check out the other article in our site for more tips about home furniture, decor, theme and style.

Small bathroom lighting

To make your small bathroom more wider, you can start by something simple like changing the overall color scheme with something more light. This small bathroom lighting ideas is to make the light from your lighting fixtures or from your natural light source like window reflect back on the wall and make your small bathroom more brighter. Aside from the wall, you can also change your tile and the ceiling into a more brighter colors.

Next small bathroom lighting ideas is to make use of natural light source that is sunlight. There are two to do this. First one is to make use of the window or skylight window. You don’t have to open it all the times and you can also use frosted glass or sheer curtain to improve the lighting. Second is to add mirror to across the window. The light will be reflected on the mirror and will reflect again into the room. Recessed lighting can be installed where the light that come from your original lighting fixtures cannot reach.

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