Simple House Plans

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Small Minimalist Two Bedroom House Plans With Large Garage

Building a house can be frightening if you read home design magazine too much. When you got a lot of home design styles, it is hard to find the ideas of simple house. But those are what I called a fashionable house design. Simple house plans did not involve all of that. In fact as its name implies, the house has a simple guidelines to follow. If you want to build a simple house be sure to follow these simple house plans. Feel free to share your comment and experiences on the matter with us.

Simple House Plans

Small simple house plans are made up of less than 2000 feet square of spaces. This house are intended with simple builds with few decoration and ornament. Due to the simple layout, you can make it more spacious and personalized if you are well planned. Small simple house plans include two-story, ranch and cottage design style.

A two story simple house plans more expansive living space than a one story simple house plans. The two story simple house plans bedrooms are located on the second floor while the living room, kitchen, dining room and the rest are located on the first floor. As they offer much space, you can play around with the room configuration. You can also use the attic as a hidden story level.

A ranch simple house plans are similar to small simple house plans. These type of simple house plans are one story with simple room configuration. The ranch simple house plans also have more open design style and usually combine the kitchen and the dining room together. Sometimes, aside from the bedrooms and the bathrooms there are no wall at all. Cottage simple house plans are usually more compact with decks simple cabin and of course the cottage.

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