Purple & Black Bedroom Ideas

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The next theme you should remodel your bedroom is the purple & black bedroom ideas. The funny thing is the fact that purple means creativity, fertility and joy while the gloomy black is associated with drama and eccentricity. Both purple and black color is considered strong colors, they are also considered dark colors. To create a theme that is pleasing for the eyes you must try to use purple & black bedroom ideas in moderation with other neutral colors to achieve a pleasing design.

Purple and Black Bedroom

The purple & black bedroom ideas that you are going to use need a few thing to prepare. First, watch the size of the room. Both purple and black color is a dark color that will make the room visually more small if it used on the wall. Unless you have a big room to begin with my advice for you do not use it as your wall color. Instead choose a light shade of a neutral color that will go well with both main colors like light grey. If you are OK with painting your wall with black and purple you can try the focal point tech by painting one side of the wall with purple an the rest with black or the opposite.

The bedding part should not be difficult for purple & black bedroom ideas. You can just use a combination of solid colors that matches the wall colors. If you want to get elaborate find a bedding with a simple floral print or decorate the pillow case with a stripped pattern that matches the bedding. Moving on to window, using the same color that you use on your bedding is more than enough. You can choose solid black if you use lighter shade of purple for the wall.

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