Painting Ideas for Small Bathroom

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All of the homes, the modern one at least must have at least a bathroom. A bathroom in a standard household usually are bland of colors and only valued by the functionality. While that is not wrong, a simple re paint can make your bathroom appear larger to the eyes and simply added appeal to the house. Many painting ideas for small bathrooms to choose so you can upped the value of your home. Choose a colors, a theme or an accent to make your bathroom more stylish than ever.

Painting Ideas for Small Bathroom

Light painting ideas for small bathrooms will make your bathroom design more larger than it appears. Lighter and pale colors will do the tricks for this one. For example white, grey, pastels and cream, This colors are monotonous so you may want to add few accent color here and there to liven up the space. For example, you can use different color for bathroom towel, sinks or the tub.

If your small bathroom lack accent or class, use bold painting ideas for small bathrooms. For example of bland design is a half black and white. I’m not saying that this choice of color is bad or anything but the combination can be endearing and you should choose one or two added layers to contrast them. Try bloody red for a start. This is just an example so make your own bold color combination.

You can also add mural or stripes to create accent in your bathroom painting design. Be remember to use darker shade of paint from the bottom and lighter shade of paint halfway through the ceiling. This way, you can make it that the ceiling look higher.

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