Modern Bathroom Remodel

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Turn your old time bathroom design into a modern bathroom as a place to relax and let go. Having a modern bathroom remodel means the value of your house have been increased as well. If you want to do a modern bathroom remodel, you will have to plan it carefully. A modern bathroom remodel can cost you a lot of money and time. A modern bathroom remodel should be elegance but not extravagant, they should be clean and sophisticated.

First is to remove your old bathroom finishes and fixtures, tear down the drywall and the sub floor as well. Now, you can begin adding your choice of modern furnish and fixtures for your modern bathroom remodel. You can make a sketch first or write on a list what you should change, buy, the accessories, colors, etc. If you are not sure about your design, consult your family or look out for design from the magazine and the internet. A lot of free modern bathroom design ideas available there. You can also add feature that did not exist in your old bathroom like smart toilet or bubble shower.

You can use granite or marble for the floor and the backsplash, if you can afford it (there is a faux version if you don’t care for authecity). Other choice is to use ceramic for the backsplash and glass tile which can gather the light inside the room. Use cool shade for the wall paint like grey and and black. Use a tad bright color as an accent to decorate the dullness if you are using grey or cream.

The light fixture choices for your modern bathroom remodel should reflect the new style of the modern bathroom. You can add chandelier to increase the dramatic effect. Choose something that evenly distributed light across the room.

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