Minimalist Bedroom Design

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For those who hate clutter on the bedroom have you been keeping up your minimalist bedroom tidy? For those who looking for a new style for your bedroom, why not try minimalist bedroom? As it names implies, the bedroom will use minimalist approach for most aspect in the room. Minimalist doesn”t always mean a small room with white color combined with black or grey. But you will have a very limited color choice from one to two color and limited furniture design that emphasizes on function rather than aesthetics. The design is not by any mean utilitarian but tends to be space and cost effective.

Minimalist Bedroom

The beautiful thing about minimalist bedroom is how you brought the ambiance of the room by using one or two piece of decor and a simple color scheme. First step toward your minimalist bedroom is to to take everything out of the room. Small things, knicks and knacks, small decor, those that you don’t used throw them out from the room. Most minimalist bedroom consist of bed, a dresser or closet and nightstand.

The basic furniture in minimalist bedroom is furniture with no carving, simple design and functional. Choose clean furniture with light color to make the room feel bigger if you have a smaller room. For the colors, minimalist bedroom uses neutral color like white or black and earth tone. The decor should be limited to one or two in each room. The point of the decor is to complement the flow of the room.

Next thing for your minimalist bedroom is the decor items. The function is not to accessorize your bedroom but instead you use it to break the color and to emphasis the minimalist design of your room. Limit yourself with one wall decor.

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