Luxury Bath for Your Modern Life

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Master bath in luxury home with black step up bath

After a day worth of sweaty hard work, you will want to spent a quality time in a nice and relaxing luxury bath. You know you deserve the kind of bath that the kings have. The luxury bath that I know of have all these cool features like large screen TV, smart toilet, spa showers and heated floors. When you want to make your luxury bath design into reality, put your heart into it if not give them to the pro. Feel free to comment on the matter and share your experiences with us.

Luxury Bath

My first idea of luxury bath is adding waterfall into the luxury bath design. The waterfall that I wanted to add is an overhead faucet that send a layer of waters. This is a nice addition also add to the decorative value to your luxury bath design. Sometimes when I hike and meet a small waterfall. I rest and close my eyes to enjoy the sound of the waterfall. This waterfall design might give you similar feel.

If  you don’t want a permanent design on your luxury bath design, you can use freestanding bath. There are a lot of model to this kind of bathtub ranging from Victorian style into modern design. If you want to relax, this kind of bathtub have a lip at the head so you can rest your neck. Some of the design even have a waterproof TV so you can enjoy some soap opera while you relaxing in your hot tub.

Some of the luxury bath design out there offers a very serious tech upgrade. You can find a bathtub with a radio, MP3 and Bluetooth capabilities, speakers, a clock and a water massage. If you look a bit harder you might find a bathtub with rockets.

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