Grey Bathroom Ideas

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Are you bored with your white bathroom theme? You don’t want gaudy colors for your bathroom? Then I suggest you try these grey bathroom ideas. Grey is one of the favorite neutral color. The color often used for therapy. They grey color give us the ancient medieval look. Using the right combination color your bathroom will look majestic while still remain simple. Green and blue are the perfect secondary color.

Grey bathroom color combination

Yellow grey bathroom ideas is for those who aim to create a warm and lively bathroom concept. You can start by adding a cute yellow rubber duck. Hang a yellow cream curtain on the shower rail. Use a yellow drawer near the wash sink. Small thing like yellow soap, yellow toothbrush and yellow slipper is also count. You can also hang a picture of sun rising or sunflower on the wall.

Spa grey bathroom is for those who aim to create a luxury relaxing spot on your own home. Grey are associated with nature that bring a cool and soothing experience. You can create a display decorative items by filling a glass jar with smooth grey stone. Use large grey towel and hang them on the wall. You can add a natural feeling by using Stone fountain and stone spa in the bathroom.

Modern grey bathroom ideas are those who aim for practicality without forgetting the style. Grey are already used often in a modern style so use black or steel accent to make it more dashing. Remember the essence of modern that is simple and sleek so aim for monotone design with few pattern. Grey curtain for the shower, modern sink design with geometric shape and metal accent on the corner and side. That us all from me, thank you and have fun.

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