Design Ideas for Long & Narrow Bathroom

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Master bath with white brick shower walls
Modern bathroom

Master bath with white brick shower walls

If you want to increase the value of your house and improve your living quality, one way to do is by remodeling your bathroom. It is better if you plan ahead for this kind of things. The thing you do might just changing a few elements of your bathroom or a complete overhaul and remodel but if you have a mapped plan already it will be easier to keep track of what you do. Two thing you need to remember about remodeling long & narrow bathroom are to keep a good flow in the bathroom and provide enough space for all resident. Create and decorate a long & narrow bathroom into your ideal bathroom using some of these ideas.

Long and Narrow Bathroom

The first thing to with your remodeling long & narrow bathroom is to measure the dimension. Go with a measuring tape and check the width, length and the height of your bathroom. You must also included items, fixtures and furniture that is immovable or you are not plan to change. Next on the remodeling long & narrow bathroom is to use the dimension and information you got earlier and use it to draw a floor plan. Don’t forget to put a sign on plumbing, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, doors, windows, and other immovable stuff.

Next is to draw your plan on long & narrow bathroom floor plan. The most suitable layout configuration for a long & narrow bathroom is to place all the bathroom fixtures on one side of the wall. Using this layout, you are free to use the other side as a walk way. Place the shower at the end of the room. For the color, I think you should use a lighter color choice like light blue or cream.

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