White Bedroom

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What do you say about an all white bedroom design? If you use white bedroom design for your bedroom you will be able to feel the clean dream look that you can often see in fairy tale. Using white color in your bedroom can make your room look larger. But an all white bedroom can be overwhelming that is why there are different style you can with it so you won’t be overwhelmed by the color white. White look can go well with any other look so it is going to be easy to mix and match your white bedroom design with any color scheme. Of course the focus will be the color white not the other way around.

First step for your white bedroom is to give your wall a new coat of white paint. There are different type of white shades that you can choose from. The difference are pretty subtle so you can take your time choosing the one you like and suit you the most. There white shades that gives you a tint of blue, yellow even black. Second step is your furniture, you can have them white to match your wall color, whitewash them to lighten the colors or you can use black furniture to create a contrasting look in your room.

Use white curtain for your room to maintain the white bedroom color flow. Moving to the bed, you can use white cotton linen bed. Bed are often the focal point of the bedroom so you need make it a bit bold so they can stand out. You can use checkered pattern or pin stripes for the pillow case to break the colors. On the decor side choose something simple and white color to emphasize the all white bedroom color scheme.

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