Solutions for a Small Bathroom

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Small bathroom is a problem everywhere. Especially in the busy morning with less than a little space to store your toiletries goods and bath linens. If you neglect it, a small bathroom can become cluttered in no time. But being small is not a limitation to create a charming bathroom design. Make use of the wall space, creative storage and space saving fixtures. Check out these solutions for a small bathroom for more information.

Small bathroom solutions

One of the best solutions for a small bathroom is to build your bathroom vertically. You can do this by using a tall furniture inside the bathroom as tall as the ceiling. Use a cabinet to display your toiletries or for modern look, you can use hanging shelves on the walls. Combine a small cabinet and a mirror and put it above your sink. You can also use space above the toilet as a storage space for extra toilet paper.

Next on solutions for a small bathroom is to scale down your fixtures or use the slim version of your bathroom fixtures, a perfect time to update your bathroom. Standard feature in a bathroom include a sink, toilet and shower or bathtub. Change the toilets with a tank less and wall mounted version. Change the vanity into a pedestal sink. Changing your bathtub into a shower will free up a lot of space.

Last on solutions for a small bathroom is to create an alternative color scheme which exploit bold pattern and colors. The base colors will still be neutral and light colors. But you will choose these colors to spice up the decor. This colors can applied to your tile colors, bath linen, shower curtain, or bath math.

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