Small Walk-in Closet

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Stunning Small Walk In Closet Ideas Simple Design for Closets

What is your idea of small walk-in closet? Space in your closet is always not enough to hold all of your collections. At a time like this, a change in the layout is needed. Classic layout consist of a rack of long clothes and few shelves. Step up the design and break free from the traditional layout. Before you even start the new design, check out your collection and get rid of the items you will never use it again. Saying, “I’ll use it again if the chance come.” is a no no. Be realistic because the space are limited.

How To Organize A Small Walk In Closet

To maximize the space in your small walk-in closet, first remove all of your shelves and the hanging racks. You will get the dimension of your small walk-in closet. It will help you to designing too. Now you need to install pegboard to all the walls in your small walk-in closet. Make sure that the pegboard is anchored well and is capable of holding up the weight of your clothes. Install a hang bar as low as possible without long tailed shirt or dress touching up the small walk-in closet floor. Pegboard is flexible and dynamic because you can change your configuration according to your need.

For example, in winter your small walk-in closet that has been installed with pegboard can be equipped with sturdy hooks to hang long coats and thick jacket which is really heavy. In summer you can change again the config to install lot of shorts and T shirts because you will want to change the clothes as much as you can because of the heat. Add more shelves so you can handle more clothes and add a bar to hold your sundresses.

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