Sage Bedroom

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Sage plant are often use in cooking because of their enchanting aroma, some of the herbalist in the age past use them as medicine. Even in this modern age sage are still used in aroma therapy because some of the plan can produce relaxing effect. Using this idea you can turn your bedroom into relaxation area, sage bedroom. The color sage green can transform your room into more earthy natural kind of feeling. furthermore, the natural looking color are pale so it won’t strain your eyes if you look at them for really long of time.

Sage can be combined with other color such as white or other nature color such as pale blue or granite. To apply sage color on your room, you can start them from your wall. From them you can go for the two tone theme color or you can make use of variation shade of sage color. The key is to alternate between each color . for example let’s take a combination of sage and white color. Paint your color with sage color and finises your floor with white color, cover the floor white sage colored carpet. you can use the same for the bed. Have your bed in white colored trim then you can pick your pillow and blanket in sage color. You can use them alternately for others like your window frame and your choice of window veil or you picture and the frame color. That is the tip that i can say about the sage bedroom.

For the sage bedroom with single tone but using a  variation of sage, it would have been better if you use lighter tone on the big thing and darker tone on the small thing. It help to focus your eyes. You can also used them to create a forest-themed room. for example you can use the dark brown wood for windows frame, picture frame and bed frame or cabinets.

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