Japanese Bedroom Style and Idea

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A japanese bedroom style revolve around it’s minimalistic style and design that are close to nature. A japanese bedroom style and idea also famous for it’s simple and clean line and the almost non existent accessories and decoration. This type japanese bedroom style and idea came from the concept of “Zen”. This is a concept of constant meditative state and way of life. The basic idea is to provide only the necessity to enjoy yourself, because the state enjoyment come from the ours inside not the objects around us.

Japanese Bedroom Style

A japanese bedroom style and idea colors usually adhere to neutral colors such as white, black, cream stone and earth colors. Even if you are not making a japanese bedroom style, this choice of colors are still good to use. If you only aim for the furniture choices. You may even use popping colors like blue or lime green. The principle of japanese bedroom style and idea is to make a room that is comfortable for you and only you, maybe your spouse but you get the idea.

In a japanese bedroom style, the most important thing is the bed. The bed is the main focal point of the japanese bedroom style and idea. Low platform bed is your choice in this case. You will also need a couple of tatami mats for authentic looks. If you have the money, buy enough mats to cover the entire room. If you don’t buy enough mats to cover the area surrounding the bed. It’s going to make your bed area into an interesting focal area.

For the accessories i recommend you to use a couple of shoji screen. Some of the shoji screen design have a beautiful painting on the paper part which make this additions functional and aesthetics. I use the shoji screen to make a couple of segmented area in my room.

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