Designing Small Bathroom Vanities

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What do you think about small bathroom vanities? Do you think they are waste of space in such a small bathroom? But if you like the vanities and want to keep it then it’s OK by any mean. But if you want to save some space you might want use some of these tips. Decorate your small bathroom vanities so it can make your bathroom area look more bigger and inviting. Find a lot of inspiration designing bathroom vanities in the internet and this blog also on internet :). Prevent yourself from spending a lot of money by remodel your small bathroom vanities instead, change a little bit of here and there so it could make your bathroom space feel more open and bigger.

Small Bathroom Vanities

Take a look at your small bathroom vanities and see if there are elements that seems obstructive and taking more space than it needs too. Get rid of these elements and change them to a simple alternative. Use metallic soap dishes and pump to create a cool and uncluttered look on your small bathroom vanities. Coordinate with the metal ornament around the room and find a simple soap container for your small bathroom vanities.

Free the counter space by removing the towel from the top area of your small bathroom vanities. Use a towel ring on the wall instead. The towel should have the same color as the shower curtain and bathroom rugs to create a flowing color scheme. It is better to have a streamlined color scheme so your small bathroom will look more bigger. Use storage with bins or drawers that you can place under your small bathroom vanities. Keep all your bathroom necessity there and try to make the room look free of clutter and debris.

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