Concrete Sink

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What your opinion on concrete sink? Do you think they are too outdated in this era of modern and contemporary style? Not at all is something that I would say. In fact, concrete sink is very versatile in style decoration. The concrete sink can be used in kitchen, bathroom and even outside like the park. As this been used since long time ago, there are plenty of variant, style, size and shape that you can choose from. If you planning to add concrete sink in your house design, check the style of the room before adding the concrete sink and make sure they match or the interior will look odd. Concrete sink can blend with any interior designs, and I think contemporary styled room is the best match with a concrete sink.

Concrete Sink

There are several type of concrete sink you can use in your house. There vessel type, this concrete sink can be used in the bathroom. There are other type such as drop-in type, apron-type and undermount model. The style will depend on your choice and your need. The shape can be chosen freely. A modern design might look good in an oval shape concrete sink. There can be more details on the shape of the concrete sink, like there are rectangular concrete sink with cut off on the corner of the concrete sink. The size of the concrete sink includes the depth from the wall, width and internal depth.

Natural color for concrete sink is grey. Grey is a good neutral colors that will blend well with other colors. If you want to add a bit flavor to your concrete sink, you can dye the concrete sink to give the concrete sink a custom colors. Last is to be give the concrete sink a durable, high quality sealant to protect it from stain and scratch.

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