Compact Bathroom Layout

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You have small space for your bathroom? You want to make your bathroom more stylish despite the lack of space? You got no idea on how to do it or even to start it? Don’t worry in this article you can find one pointer or two on how to make your bathroom look nice and awesome. Bathroom is a place where transform our face. When you wake up in the morning you go to the bathroom and change into your day form in there. You brush your teeth, wash your face and take a dump if you must. In a busy morning this can be an important thing to do as fast as possible to prevent you to getting late to work.

Firstly, bathroom isn’t your living room. In the bathroom, must of the thing are immovable (Door, windows and water and waste points). They are immovable unless your budget say otherwise. Anyways, let’s design your compact bathroom layout without the mind to change it for a long time. Now then in your space sheet with your bathroom dimension on it. Put the immovable first. Make sure they don’t collide with the doors and the pocket doors.

Next things you have to put down on your compact bathroom layout, are to put the switch and electric contract near the door. It will be easier that way and it will be safer. If you still confused on how to place your bathroom furniture here are some more advices.

  • First, put the toilet farther from the doors, showers and bathtub (If you plan to add one). if you cannot put much distance you can add a veil or a wall of blurred glass so the wall won’t take too much space.
  • Second, put your sink near the door without hindering the door movement. Most of you will only you the sink in morning to wash, shave and brush anyway, so it will take less time and more effectively to do it this way. Then you can add the cabinet and the mirror accodingly.

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