Attic Bedroom Ideas

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Saving space has always been a necessary, wasting space is a no no. Rather than using attic as a storage for your unused space, why not turn them into a bedroom. Attic has always been a romantic idea. The close range between the ceiling and the floor are proves of secrecy, intimacy.  You can use for your kid, it will fell like a secret base especially if you have a wooden ceiling.

One thing unique about the attic room is the slanted wall which is the part of the room that jointed with the room. The room are essentially in triangle and this means you can try lots of way to decor the wall unlike the way you decorate your usual square room. You can tuck your bedroom at the base. Put your favorite picture on it and enjoy the surreal felling you can’t feel in your usual space. Attic also don’t have much light because they are after all part of the roof which job are involving being a cover from the light. To compensate with the lack of lick you can choose a brighter tone but don’t try a pure white because they will look dirty because there are not much of light. More to come on attic bedroom ideas.

Another characteristic of the attic room is the dormer window, the only access of light you might have in the attic. You can do a nice thing with this. for example if you have one facing the east, try placing your bed under it and enjoy the morning light bath every day. Or at night you can enjoy basked in the moonlight that comes from your attic window, it feel mystifying. Many attic room come in a long and narrow way, too long for your own convenience as such you can try to reduce the effect using different shade of color to paint the room or if you want to get technical you can use a temporary wall like or bamboo veil to segmented the room. And that conclude my stance on attic bedroom ideas.

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